Wetland Delineations

Wetlands are vital to the environment and our communities, providing services no other ecosystem can. They act as sponges and absorb water during storms, reducing flood damage and providing erosion control. Wetlands also help filter stormwater, reducing contaminants entering the environment. Damaging or destroying a wetland during a construction project can harm the great number of different species that rely on them and lead to higher costs for humans as we are forced to manage increased flooding.

det365中文 Wetland Delineations

Wetland delineations are surveys done to determine where wetlands are and help ensure wetland impacts are minimized in a proposed project area. The process of performing a delineation involves a certified wetland specialist visiting the site. They will survey the area for various factors such as soil type and vegetation to determine the wetland boundary. These findings will be compared to historical imagery and existing maps to create a wetland delineation report. Often, an environmental agency representative will also visit the site to verify the boundary. Even if you know wetlands will not be impacted during a project, having a wetland delineation done can help a project move smoothly through the permitting process.

det365中文 has two Certified Wetland Specialists and a Wetland Professional with over 30 years of cumulative experience on staff. We can also assist with permit applications and help navigate through regulations.

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