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Lakes and ponds are complex ecosystems, and a variety of factors can negatively impact the health of a waterbody—especially with the drastic weather changes that happen in Wisconsin and Illinois. A few of these factors include erosion and depth as well as internal and external nutrient sources. These nutrients are food for algae and aquatic plants which can quickly change the aesthetic of your lake or pond.

A holistic treatment program that looks at your lake or pond as an entire ecosystem is required to achieve long-lasting and environmentally sustainable results.

Weed and Algae Management Options for Lakes and Ponds

An integrated management plan will identify the root causes of excessive algae, aquatic plants, and weeds and recommend specific management options that will help bring your waterbody back into balance and keep it that way.

These include:

The Role of Algaecides and Herbicides in Aquatic Weed and Algae Control

Sometimes, algaecides and aquatic herbicides are required to get your lake or pond under control. Our licensed and experienced aquatic technicians are highly trained and educated in the science of lake and pond management.  We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered aquatic products that have undergone rigorous environmental and safety testing. With these tests, our process for algae control in Illinois and Wisconsin have been tried and tested as proven methods.

Algae Control Using Algaecides

Keeping some algae is healthy for your waterbody since algae produce oxygen and serve as a food source for many aquatic animal species. For the nuisance types of algae that form in lakes and ponds, our team uses EPA-registered Algaecides. Timing of algae treatments is important in minimizing the amount of algae that will decompose after a treatment. Too much material decomposing can deplete the oxygen level in the water causing stress to the fish population.

Weed Control Using Herbicides

As with algae, some native aquatic plants are good for your lake or pond.  However, too many plants, or the presence of non-native plants, can upset the balance of your lake or pond and interfere with recreation and aesthetics.  Aquatic herbicides are specifically formulated for use in water to control aquatic plants.  They are sprayed directly onto floating or emergent aquatic plants or are applied directly to the water.  These products fall into two categories – contact or systemic herbicides. Contact herbicides control the above “ground” portion of the plant but leave the roots intact. Systemic plants eliminate the whole plant including the roots. Some products offer a range of selectivity allowing for our team to control certain plants while leaving other plants unharmed.

Ensuring Optimal Control of Lake or Pond Weeds and Algae

Whether treating excessive algae, aquatic plants, or weeds in Illinois or Wisconsin, our licensed technicians make a complete inspection of the site before work is performed, including taking water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and clarity measurements. If conditions are not appropriate for a chemical treatment to be effective, we will defer the treatment until we have the proper conditions for success. Clients receive a detailed service report after every visit so that you know exactly what work was performed in addition to other recommendations that would help improve the health of your lake or pond.

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